Service Hub

Services available to IT staff only are listed separately.

Accessible Documents and PDFs

Availability: UCOP

Assistance with making PDFs accessible before posting them to the web

Application Hosting

Availability: UCOP

Application hosting in the UCOP cloud computing environment


Availability: UCOP

File storage and collaboration platform

Cascade and SharePoint Training

Availability: UCOP

Training in using Cascade content management and SharePoint tools

Computer Hardware

Availability: UCOP

Purchase, support, and salvage of UC owned computers

Computer Software

Availability: UCOP

Support for standard software, and assistance with nonstandard software

Computer Training Lab

Availability: UCOP

Computer-equipped lab for classes

Electronic document management consultation

Availability: UCOP

Process guidance for managing electronic documents

Email and Calendar

Availability: UCOP

Outlook email & calendar, including Outlook Web App (OWA)

Information Security Services

Availability: UCOP

Risk assessment, consultation, security incident response, training, eDiscovery support

IT Policy Development, Interpretation, and Coordination

Availability: UCOP and Systemwide

Consultation in IT policy and information security

Laptop Loan Program

Availability: UCOP

Laptop loans for occasional business needs

LastPass Password Manager


LastPass Password Manager software is available to all UCOP departments for storing institutional account credentials (usernames and passwords). LastPass enables UCOP and individual contributors to store and share credentials, virtual keys, and other sensitive information safely.

Listserv™ Email List

Availability: UCOP

Tool to create group email distribution lists

Mac Support

Availability: UCOP

Support for UCOP owned Apple computers

Microsoft Software for Home Use

Availability: UCOP

Licensed personal-use software

Mobile Devices

Availability: UCOP

Order and configuration of tablets and smartphones; instructions for configuring personal devices

Network Fileshare

Availability: UCOP

Department and individual fileshares for secure data storage

PC Support

Availability: UCOP

Support for UCOP owned PC computers

Printing Services

ITCS supports and maintains the printing and copying at UCOP, Riverside, Sacramento, and UCDC.

Records management consultation

Availability: UCOP

Advice on best practices for managing departmental records

Records searches

Availability: UCOP

Searches of the UCOP Central Records Collection

Scanning consultation

Availability: UCOP

Services for converting hard copies to electronic documents

Secure Messaging and File Transfer

Availability: UCOP

Tool to securely send messages or files with sensitive information or to distribute large files

Service Email Account

Availability: UCOP

Shared email account representing a service/function

Service Hub Link

Availability: UCOP

Softphones, Desk Phones, Voicemail, and Headsets

Availability: UCOP

Installation and support of phones, voicemail, headsets


Availability: UCOP & Systemwide

Collaboration tool for document sharing and version control

UCOP Central Records Collection

Availability: UCOP

Permanent collection of documents reflecting UCOP corporate history


Availability: UCOP

Secure, off-site access to internal UCOP resources

Web Accessibility Consultation and Testing

Availability: UCOP

Consultation and testing support for creating accessible websites and applications

Website and Web Application Support

Availability: UCOP

Consultation, implementation, and maintenance

Wireless Network Access

Availability: UCOP

Wireless access for UCOP locations

Zoom Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

Availability: UCOP

Third-party audio, desktop video and web collaboration tool