Computer Hardware

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
UCOP supports a standardized computing environment to control overall purchase and support costs. UCOP personnel receive a standard computing bundle, including hardware and software. One computing bundle is provided per individual.

  • Departmental transfers. Individuals who transfer to a different UCOP department take their computer hardware with them.
  • Employee separation. When an individual separates from UCOP, departments notify the Service Hub and request a pickup of any UCOP furnished hardware so that it may be reallocated.  Computer equipment must be returned within 2 weeks.  If you are currently working remotely, your computer equipment will need to be shipped back to UCOP. To initiate the return of your equipment, please contact the Service Desk.

While there exists a valid business justification, departments may also request a nonstandard PC computer solution for review.   Also, a standard Mac laptop can be requested for select job functions.

Computer Salvaging. ITS provides salvaging services for inoperable systems. The hard drive is removed and crushed. Other system components are sent to UCB Overstock & Salvage for resale, donation, or salvaging.

How to Order:
Requesting a standard computer bundle. One computing bundle per individual is provided.

  • For new personnel: Departments request a standard computing bundle via the Service Hub.
  • For current personnel: ITCS maintains an inventory of equipment and service records. ITCS at its discretion may replace computers that need service or no longer provide the necessary functionality.

Other hardware requests. If a Mac or nonstandard equipment is needed, follow the Nonstandard Equipment & Mac Request Guidelines.  If approval is granted, ITCS purchases and supports the requested equipment.

Laptops. Specific processes apply to laptops.

All UCOP personnel are eligible to receive one computing bundle.

The cost of standard computer hardware is covered by central ITCS funding.