Nonstandard Equipment Request Guidelines

UCOP supports a standardized computer environment to control overall support and equipment purchase costs. The standard computer bundle (PC desktop or laptop) is composed of higher-end models that meet most UCOP business needs.

A request for nonstandard computing equipment, which includes Macs, must be accompanied by an explanation of the business need, following the guidelines below. If the nonstandard hardware is approved, ITS will acquire the requested equipment and arrange for it to be deployed to the employee for whom it was requested.


Bigger hard drive: What aspects of the job require the individual to retain large amounts of data on the computer hard drive?
Better graphics card: What applications require the individual to work with high-resolution graphics?
Faster processor: What applications require a faster processor?


What aspects of the job require use of a Mac and what Mac specific software will be used? Job functions that could require a Mac include:
  • graphics designer
  • computer animator

Nonstandard Product Equipment and Purchase Process

  • Request. Department submits an e-mail request to the IT Service Desk and provides a business justification for the exception request.
  • Evaluation. The request is evaluated to determine whether standard equipment will meet business need or whether nonstandard equipment is required.
    • If there is an approved business need for nonstandard equipment, ITCS will then evaluate the software being used and select suitable hardware. The IT Service Desk purchases the equipment.

      All computing equipment is solely the property of UCOP and is returned to ITCS for re-use or disposition when no longer needed by the employee for whom it was requested.

    • If there is no business need for nonstandard equipment, the IT Service Desk communicates the reason to the department and suggests use of standard equipment.