Service Hub

Accounts, E-mail, & Calendar

Email and Calendar

Availability: UCOP

Outlook email & calendar, including Outlook Web App (OWA)

Service Email Account

Availability: UCOP

Shared email account representing a service/function

Secure Messaging and File Transfer

Availability: UCOP

Tool to securely send messages or files with sensitive information or to distribute large files

Work Equipment: Computers, Software, Phones

Computer Hardware

Availability: UCOP

Purchase, support, and salvage of UC owned computers

Computer Software

Availability: UCOP

Support for standard software, and assistance with nonstandard software

Computer Training Lab

Availability: UCOP

Computer-equipped lab for classes

Laptop Loan Program

Availability: UCOP

Laptop loans for occasional business needs

Mac Support

Availability: UCOP

Support for UCOP owned Apple computers

Microsoft Software for Home Use

Availability: UCOP

Licensed personal-use software

Mobile Devices

Availability: UCOP

Order and configuration of tablets and smartphones; instructions for configuring personal devices

PC Support

Availability: UCOP

Support for UCOP owned PC computers

Printer Support

Availability: UCOP

Support for networked printers and some local printers

Softphones, Desk Phones, Voicemail, and Headsets

Availability: UCOP

Installation and support of phones, voicemail, headsets


Availability: UCOP

Secure, off-site access to internal UCOP resources

Wireless Network Access

Availability: UCOP

Wireless access for UCOP locations

Collaboration: Zoom, SharePoint, Videoconference, Box


Availability: UCOP

File storage and collaboration platform

Listserv™ Email List

Availability: UCOP

Tool to create group email distribution lists

Network Fileshare

Availability: UCOP

Department and individual fileshares for secure data storage


Availability: UCOP & Systemwide

Collaboration tool for document sharing and version control

Zoom Audio, Video and Web Conferencing

Availability: UCOP

Third-party audio, desktop video and web collaboration tool

Application & Web Services

Accessible Documents and PDFs

Availability: UCOP

Assistance with making PDFs accessible before posting them to the web

Application Hosting

Availability: UCOP

Application hosting in the UCOP cloud computing environment

Cascade and SharePoint Training

Availability: UCOP

Training in using Cascade content management and SharePoint tools

Website and Web Application Support

Availability: UCOP

Consultation, implementation, and maintenance

Web Accessibility Consultation and Testing

Availability: UCOP

Consultation and testing support for creating accessible websites and applications

Survey Evaluation

Availability: UCOP

Support for creating surveys that are accessible to individuals with disabilities

IT Policy & Security

IT Policy Development, Interpretation, and Coordination

Availability: UCOP and Systemwide

Consultation in IT policy and information security

Information Security Services

Availability: UCOP

Risk assessment, consultation, security incident response, training, eDiscovery support

Records Management

Electronic document management consultation

Availability: UCOP

Process guidance for managing electronic documents

Records searches

Availability: UCOP

Searches of the UCOP Central Records Collection

Records management consultation

Availability: UCOP

Advice on best practices for managing departmental records

Scanning consultation

Availability: UCOP

Services for converting hard copies to electronic documents

UCOP Central Records Collection

Availability: UCOP

Permanent collection of documents reflecting UCOP corporate history