Wireless Network Access

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
ITS provides access to three wireless networks in UCOP locations in Oakland (Franklin, Kaiser, OSF, and Broadway buildings), Sacramento, and the UC Path Center in Riverside.

Wireless Network Access
Network Name Intended User Secure?
OPnet UCOP personnel Yes
eduroam Campus visitors Yes
UCOP Visitors No

OPnet: This is the default wireless connection for UCOP personnel. OPnet uses strong encryption and authentication, which enables UCOP personnel to use their computer log-in and password to securely access file shares, printers, and other services behind the UCOP firewall. OPnet provides broad coverage, allowing convenient email access in hallways, cubes, offices, and conference rooms.

UCOP: This is an unsecure network for visitors.

eduroam: This a secure wireless access service for campus visitors and other individuals affiliated with participating education and research institutions worldwide. UCOP staff can use eduroam whenever they visit a participating institution, and campus staff visiting UCOP can use eduroam, if their home location is an eduroam member.

How to Order or Request Support


  • Go to your wireless connections menu and select OPnet.
  • At the prompt, provide your regular UCOP log-in, password and, for iPhones and iPads, the domain. The “domain” is ad\ as in ad\jsmith.
  • If prompted, accept the certificate.


  • Go to your wireless connections menu and select UCOP
  • Enter ucop guest for the username and welcome for the password.

For UCOP personnel:

  • Request eduroam access from the Service Hub.
  • Once you’ve received configuration instructions, go to your wireless connections menu and select eduroam.

Eduroam participants from other campuses should follow their campus or location instructions for accessing the service.


  • OPnet network: UCOP personnel only.
  • UCOP guest network: Anyone at a UCOP location
  • eduroam network: UCOP personnel and individuals affiliated with eduroam participating institutions

The cost of the service is covered by central IT funding.