Network Fileshare

Availability: UCOP

Service Description and Option
ITS offers two types of network file shares: departmental network file shares for access by several individuals, or individual network file shares for access by one person. File shares are essentially a folder on the server for secure data storage. They are accessed via the UCOP network from office computers or from laptops using VPN. The servers that house file shares are backed up on a nightly basis

  • Department Network File Share: All UCOP departments may request network file shares. File shares are a good place to store electronic administrative records that several people need to access, or that must be retained for business reasons. The person requesting the file share must designate which individuals are authorized to access each share. Authorized users are able to upload, download, copy, edit, and delete items in the departmental file shares to which they have access.
  • P: Drive/Individual Network File Share: Everyone who has a UCOP computer log-in account has been given a "P" drive, or individual network file share. Only the named “owner” has access to this share. It provides a secure location for business documents that do not need to be accessed by colleagues. The "P" drive provides 40 GB of data storage.

Network file shares are available to all UCOP departments and staff, contractors, and other associated personnel.

The cost of the service is covered by ITS core funds (up to 1TB of data for departmental file shares). There will be a cost per GB over 1TB for departmental file shares.