Availability: UCOP & Systemwide

Service Description

SharePoint is a business tool designed to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and document management. It offers customers a secure, shared Web-based repository for documents and other information, and provides such features as version control, a search function, access control, and work flow management. SharePoint is compatible with a variety of browsers and platforms, making it easy for UCOP employees to collaborate with campus colleagues. For example, they may work together to edit documents and graphics, develop project calendars, and create and track tasks. An important aspect of SharePoint is that it enables the project or business owners to take charge of their SharePoint site’s structure, content, and access permissions, reducing the need to go through the IT department.

Service Level Agreement

The SharePoint Service Level Agreement defines ITS and customer responsibilities with respect to the SharePoint service.

How to Order

Complete and submit the SharePoint site request form on the UCOP SharePoint portal. Requests will be reviewed by the SharePoint team and prioritized based on the date received, with consideration given to the urgency of the business need. Once a request is received, a business analyst will contact the customer to finalize and confirm the requirements, and schedule development of the requested site.

How to Request Support

Support is available M – F, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Request support via SharePoint.


All UCOP departments and systemwide initiatives may set up SharePoint sites.


  • Basic Sites: The cost of the service for basic sites is covered by central IT funding. A basic SharePoint site includes document storage, version control, and limited workflow.
  • Hourly Rates for Complex Sites: More complex implementations require additional analysis and development work, which is charged at an hourly rate. An estimate will be provided after the specifications have been fully defined.

Additional Information

Information about using SharePoint may be found in the Service Hub. Key search words include SharePoint.