Web Accessibility Consultation and Testing

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
The ITS Web and Application Services (WAS) group incorporates UC standards for accessibility in all website and web application development projects in order to comply with the UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy. Accessibility costs are bundled into the budget for WAS-managed projects.

For other projects (e.g., not managed by WAS), UCOP departments may request an initial consultation and/or testing to review and discuss web accessibility goals and requirements. WAS funds up to four hours of consultation services, which include reviewing the project scope, developing a testing plan, vendor conversations, and other activities. Additionally, WAS funds up to six hours of testing services, so departments may ensure the product is accessible. Beyond that, departments should plan to support the testing process with their own allocation, as needed.

All UCOP departments may request the service and support.


  • Initial consultation (up to four hours): No cost
  • Initial testing (up to six hours): No cost
  • Ongoing consultation and testing: A recharge fee is charged based on the scope and extent of the long-term involvement.
  • Approved projects: Web accessibility development and testing are covered in the standard budgeted costs of approved projects.