Microsoft Software for Home Use

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
As part of the UC Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA) UCOP employees are eligible to download and use Microsoft Office applications on their personal home computing devices. Per the terms of the agreement, employees may download and make use of Microsoft Office applications on up to 5 personal computing devices. Applications are available for Wintel and Apple devices.

How to Order or Request Support
All support issues or questions about this program or associated products should be direct to Microsoft Customer Support. Beyond the basic instructions provided below, ITS is not responsible for assisting with the download, installation, or use of these products.

This right to use is granted to all current UCOP employees. Contractors or other per-diem employees are not eligible for this program. Subject to the annual renewal of the current MCCA terms and conditions, employees may continue to use the downloaded software for personal or business reasons, for as long as they are employed by UCOP. Employees should delete all programs upon termination of their employment with UCOP.

There is not direct expense charged to the employee.

Download and Installation Instructions
Follow the step-by-step instructions found here.