Softphones, Desk Phones, Voicemail, and Headsets

Availability: UCOP

Service Description

Phones: ITS provides Jabber softphones or desk phones and voicemail for UCOP customers, and moves desk phones to new locations as necessary.

  • Jabber Softphone is included as part of the standard software image to all UCOP desktop and laptop customers and is available to UCOP Macintosh customers once they self-install the application. UCOP customers can also download the Cisco Jabber App to their iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.
    • A single personal extension is provided.
    • Can be used with select USB corded or wireless headsets, handset, and/or USB table top speakerphone.
    • In addition to voice, Jabber provides one-to-one video and screen share between Jabber softphones.
    • The Cisco Jabber app (available through iTunes or the Play Store) can be downloaded on any mobile device.
  • Desk phones are provided only to individuals who meet one of the following criteria:
    • Senior management group personnel
    • Positions with multi-extension coverage responsibilities
    • People in offices (not cubes) by themselves
    • RASC or ITSD contact center agents

Voicemail: UCOP uses the Unity voicemail system, which also sends audio copies of voicemail messages automatically to the customer’s email Inbox, where they can be opened and played. The system also provides multiple greetings for different situations, for example; the alternate greeting can be programmed to end on a specific date/time. See the Messaging Guidelines for guidance about managing voicemail, audio email copies, and other messages.

Headsets: ITS offers a selection of headsets for purchase for customers to use with either their softphone or desk phone. ITS will assist with headset installations when requested.

  • The Plantronics Savi 7XX series headsets can be used with both Jabber and/or the desk phone.
  • Other Jabber compatible style choices include USB (only) corded or wireless headsets, handset, or USB table top speakerphone.

How to Order
Use the Service Hub to request softphones, desk phones, voicemail or headsets.

  • For Jabber softphone or desk phone: Use the Office Phone – Move, Add, Change form (found under Work Equipment)
    • For mobile devices: Request the Jabber for iPhone, Jabber for iPad or Jabber for Android capability to be activated for your UCOP extension number then download the Cisco Jabber App to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • For headsets: Use the Headset or Webcam form (found under Work Equipment). Managerial approval and recharge information is required to process a headset request.

UCOP employees, contractors, or associated personnel.

The cost of the service is covered by central IT funding. Nonstandard headsets are ordered through ITS and the expense is transferred to the department.