How to Get UCOP E-mail on Personally Owned Mobile Devices

General Instructions

UCOP personnel may configure their personally owned mobile devices to receive UCOP e-mail, as well as their calendar and contacts.  Also, users may go to using their mobile device web browser to access UCOP email.

Note that ITS does not support or take any responsibility for personally owned mobile devices.


  1. Go to the “app store” (IOS) or “Google play store” (Android) and search for Microsoft Outlook. Download the app and open it.   
  2. Enter your UCOP ID plus “” in the Add Account screen then select “Add Account.”  ie:
  3. The UC sign-in screen appears. Enter your password, then select “Sign In”
  4. Authenticate with Duo. You may need to leave the Outlook app to do this. Return to the Outlook app after authenticating.


You are responsible for securing your personally owned mobile device.

For more information on securing your device consult UC's Minimum Security Standard.

To learn more about all of UC’s security policies and standards visit