Project Management Office (PMO)

As part of the TDS financial services organization, the TDS PMO department

  • Sets and maintains standards for project management (PM) throughout UCOP
  • Creates procedures and best practices that help operations run smoothly and complete on time.
  • Supports a wide range of IT projects that vary in domain, scale, and budget

In addition, the TDS PMO ensures monitoring and control of project execution performance

  • Applying different PM Methodologies
  • Implementing Professional PM Tools
  • Coordinating Program and Portfolio Management
  • Facilitating and improving Strategic Project Management


  • Has developed standardized templates that provide consistency for all projects by ensuring that all project managers abide by strict guidelines and principles
  • Acts as an information hub for the programs and projects it supports
  • Adds value through the knowledge, experience, and skills of its staff
  • Supports TDS with all project needs and is responsible for providing tri-annual updates to the Regents for UC IT projects over $5 million

TDS PMO Leadership

  • Pratima Reddy, Executive Director Financial Applications
  • Sailaja Ganti, Director Project Management Office/Integration Services

Meet our Project Managers