Printing Services

ITCS supports and maintains the printing and copying at UCOP, Riverside, and Sacramento.    

ITCS makes an effort to improve the efficiency, quality, cost, sustainability and management of print devices and related services throughout the UCOP system. 

Xerox multi-function devices are placed in strategic locations throughout the buildings. 

Staff are encouraged to print to the multi-function devices as they are the most energy efficient.

Desktop printers will not be deployed as the supplies are more expensive to maintain and operate.      

UCOP Staff Resources

Recharge Rates:

  • $.09 for black and white
  • $.19 for color
  • $2.99 per sq ft for plotter prints

Note: Double-sided counts as 2 pages. There is no charge for “scan to email.”


Staff who need the ability copy and print must provide a “Charge of Account” code so printing and copying can be billed back to the department.  Staff who have an account on file are provided an “account id” for copying and access to printing.

UC Livermore Collaboration Center Guest Resources

Easiest options for shorter term guests or those not doing much printing

Options for long term guests or those doing a lot of printing,