IRAP collaborates with and provides analytical and policy support to the ProvostAcademic Planning Council, the UC Academic Senate, the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs and University Committee on Planning and Budget in particular, and all campuses and other parts of UC.

Academic planning content and analysis is separated into the four categories below:

  1. Academic policy and planning
  2. Degree programs and academic program review
  3. Accreditation and assessment
  4. Campus collaborations

Academic policy and planning

Academic Planning at the University of California Office of the President January 2022 PDF

January 2022

Academic Planning supports the identification of the University’s short-, medium-, and long-term goals and objectives and the alignment of these goals and objectives with the University of California’s (UC) mission in connection to the needs and interests of key stakeholder groups, such as the UC Regents and campus academic and administrative leadership. Academic Planning’s work on these goals and objectives is multifaceted, involving different dimensions of academic planning.

University of California baccalaureate degree duplication check process

IRAP webpage

Resources for California Community College districts that are seeking to establish baccalaureate degree programs under the process established by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office after the 2021 enactment of Assembly Bill No. 927 (Medina).

Major requirements initiative September 2018 PDF

September 2018

As part of the 2015 Budget Framework Agreement, faculty on the nine undergraduate campuses reviewed upper division requirements for campus’s undergraduate majors, streamlining requirements wherever possible. In total, 623 majors were reviewed, accounting for 95 percent of all undergraduate programs. This report summarizes this demanding, complex activity that resulted in a number of unit reductions across campuses.

UC academic policy and planning

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IRAP is responsible for maintaining and interpreting a number of academic policies for the University.

Statewide academic policy and planning

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IRAP provides expertise on behalf of the university as part of statewide efforts to plan for and improve higher education in California.

California master plan for higher education

IRAP webpage

Major features of the California Master Plan for Higher Education

Academic planning council

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IRAP supports the Academic Planning Council, a joint Academic Senate/ Administration body that reviews planning issues and develops and revises policy related to the university’s academic mission.

Enrollment planning

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IRAP coordinates both the collection of enrollment data and also the development of short- and long-term plans for the numbers and types of students that can be accommodated at the UC campuses.

Presentations to the UC Board of Regents

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Academic Planning has supported the development of several, varied presentations to the UC Board of Regents.

Degree programs and academic program review

Disciplinary trends in graduate degree program proposals December 2019 PDF

December 2019

From 1999-00 to 2018-19, 301 proposals to establish a graduate degree program were submitted to the Academic Senate. Most of these proposals fell into six disciplinary categories: Health, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Business, Visual and Performing Arts, and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. Health-based programs exerted the most influence during this period; computational and data science programs reflected UC being on the disciplinary cutting edge.

Compendium: Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, & Research Units (2014)

IRAP webpage

The Compendium presents system-level review processes for creating and modifying academic degree programs, academic units, and research units, and is designed to serve as a manual for the wide range of administrators, faculty, and staff who participate in these processes.

Review process for establishing graduate degree programs and academic units

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In collaboration with the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs, IRAP conducts the administrative system-level review of campus proposals for new graduate programs, as well as proposals for new schools and colleges.

Five-year planning perspectives

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The Five-Year Planning Perspectives process gives campuses the opportunity to gather information useful to their long-range planning efforts.

Self-supporting programs

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Self-supporting programs allow the University to serve additional students above and beyond the resources provided by the state while fulfilling demonstrated higher education and workforce needs.

Accreditation and assessment

Campus assessment contacts

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UC is committed to assessment of student learning that is faculty driven, discipline specific, and locally defined.


IRAP webpage

IRAP collaborates with UC campus accreditation officers to represent UC’s academic interests to statewide planning entities and the regional accrediting body, the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Campus collaborations

UC extension degree and certificate completion programs and the UC reengagement consortium March 2024 PDF

March 2024

This topic brief provides summaries of existing re-entry degree and certificate programs at the five participating UC Extensions, along with a market demand research program, including engagement and completion numbers.

Vice provosts and deans of undergraduate education

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IRAP collaborates with vice provosts and deans of undergraduate education to advocate for undergraduate education and maintain the focus on teaching and learning.

Summer session

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Across the UC system, thousands of courses are offered each summer in hundreds of disciplines to any student.

University Extension and University re-entry

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University Extension is the continuing education branch of UC campuses, providing innovative learning programs to adult learners in California, across the U.S. and throughout the world. University re-entry allows non-graduated UC students to resume a path to a four-year degree.

Teaching and Learning Centers

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The University of California Teaching and Learning Centers provide support, resources, and advocacy for all who teach and learn at the University of California.

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