IRAP collaborates with UC Systemwide Academic Personnel and Programs on faculty concerns and with UC Systemwide Human Resources on staff concerns.

Summary metrics can be found in the  Accountability Report:

Interactive data dashboards can be explored at the UC Information Center's Employees subject area.

Employee content and analysis is separated into the two categories below:

  1. Compensation
  2. Employees


Compensation reporting

IRAP webpage

As part of our commitment to transparency, UC reports annually on employee earnings, both on our Compensation website and for the State Controller’s Office searchable database of state employee earnings.

Comparative salaries of chancellors and system leaders February 2023 PDF

February 2023

Comparisons of salaries for chancellors at UC and AAU institutions and for public research university system leaders using data collected and published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Employee trends at UC: Focus on staff April 2019 PDF

April 2019

The University of California relies on academic and staff employees to fulfill its missions of teaching, research, and public service. This topic brief examines staff growth compared to workload growth.

UC employee headcount

UC Information Center

Academic and staff unduplicated headcount for October and April by service focus, type, personnel type, full-time/part-time, and location.

UC employee FTE

UC Information Center

Academic and staff FTE (full-time equivalent) by service focus, personnel type, funding source, and location.

Diversity of UC's workforce

UC Information Center

Diversity of UC's academic personnel and staff by gender, ethnicity and citizenship.

UC staff workforce profile

uc information center

Demographic information demonstrating the variety and complexity of the UC staff workforce.

IRAP experts and requests for additional information

IRAP experts: employees

Ryan Chan | Amit Prayag | Satomi Furuichi

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