IRAP supports the educational mission of the University by engaging UC graduate student analysts on special projects. The work of these scholars can be found below.

Undergraduate voting patterns

June 2020

This brief analyzes voting data for UC undergraduate students using data from CA State voter files and presents survey responses about campus political climate.

Major restrictions, socioeconomic stratification, and student success

October 2022

This report analyzes the equity implications of GPA-based major restrictions, which are commonly used to limit access to impacted majors.

The impact of Proposition 209 and access-oriented UC admissions policies on underrepresented UC applications, enrollment, and long-run student outcomes

January 2023

This brief estimates the costs of Proposition 209 for Underrepresented Group (URG) applicants to the University of California and measures the impact of two subsequent major UC admissions policies on URG enrollment.

What is the value of a UC degree for on-the-fence students? An evaluation of the 2001-2011 UC eligibility in the local context program

January 2023

This brief evaluates the University of California's 2001-2011 Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) program, which provided UC admissions advantages to California high school students in the top four percent of their class by GPA.

What's it worth? A multifaceted approach to measuring the value of undergraduate Humanities degrees at the University of California

April 2017

This report presents qualitative and quantitative evidence supporting the continued need for humanities scholarship as a means of social conscience and as a smart investment in the future workforce.

Bridging the gap: Increasing retention rates for female engineers in the UC system

March 2017

This report analyzes the system-wide performance in engineering retention at the undergraduate level by gender, and identified programs and policies that have shown to increase the rate of retention for female students.

UC undergraduate college completion: using unit-taking strategies to improve graduation rates

April 2015

This project addresses the association between the number of units an undergraduate takes and their time to graduation.