IRAP collaborates with and provides colleagues in the Chief Financial Office and Government Relations to provide analytical support and reporting. 

Summary metrics can be found in the Accountability Report:

Interactive data dashboards can be explored at the UC Information Center's UC 2030 goalsUC by the numbers, and Institutional measures subject areas.

Institutional analytics is separated into the two categories below:

  1. Financial and budget resources
  2. Performance outcome and legislative reporting

Financial and budget resources

Activity-based costing

IRAP webpage

As part of the Budget Framework Implementation with the Governor, UC would pilot “activity-based costing” at UC Riverside and engage two other campuses in a scoping study to potentially expand the piloting of activity-based costing to either or both of these two other campuses. UC Davis and UC Merced were the two additional campuses that participated in this project. Included in this page are materials related to this project.

Revenue and expense data

UC Information Center

Revenues and expenses by source/function, including or excluding DOE labs, systemwide and by campus, and option for inflation-adjusted figures.

Campus financial schedules Link

UCOP webpage

The Annual Campus Financial Schedules provide a detailed view of the revenue and expense streams at each of the ten campuses, systemwide programs and administration, and on a consolidated basis.

Expenditure for instruction reporting

IRAP webpage

In FY 2015-16, UC began reporting on the estimated expenditures associated with Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction and Research Activities.

Budget for current operations

UCOP webpage

This document outlines in detail UC’s financial priorities and commitments for the upcoming academic year.

Performance outcome and legislative reporting

The University of California in national and international rankings January 2021 PDF

January 2021

A summary of the University of California's rankings across several measures, including retention and graduation rates, social mobility, major awards, academic research performance and others.

UC facts at a glance August 2023 PDF

August 2023

A synopsis of key indicators related to UC activities and impacts across the state.

The College Scorecard shows UC is a good investment for students, their families and federal and state governments October 2017 PDF

October 2017

This brief provides a summary of how UC compares to other universities on critical measures regarding access, affordability and outcomes.

State performance outcomes

IRAP webpage

In compliance with Assembly Bill 94, IRAP collaborates with Budget Analysis and Planning to produce UC’s performance outcomes report.

Interactive map: UC in California: Impact beyond campus borders

IRAP website

Geospatial maps demonstrating the university’s impact beyond its campus borders, supporting the mission of teaching, research and public service.

IRAP experts and requests for additional information

IRAP experts: Institutional analytics

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