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Summary metrics can be found in the Affordability chapter of the UC Accountability Report (Chapter 2).

UC campuses offer the best value and outcomes for low-income students March 2016 PDF

March 2016

According to The Institute for College Access, “In most regions of the state, it costs low income students more to attend a community college than a public university.” Compared to local Cal State and CA Community Colleges, UC campuses not only offer the best value, they have the best outcomes, as supported by national scorecard data.

Student financial support report

UCOP webpage

Financial support database inventories from the UCOP Office of Student Affairs dating back to the 1998-99 academic year.

Reports to the regents on how students finance their education Link

How much debt do undergraduates have upon finishing their degrees? June 2017 PDF

June 2017

IRAP presents data on cumulative debt from 1999-2000 to 2013-14 and shows comparisons between UC campuses and other public and private 4-year institutions.

UC remains affordable for undergraduates

UC Information Center

UC's financial aid program keeps the university affordable, with almost half of undergraduate degree recipients graduating without debt. UC undergraduates graduate with less cumulative debt on average than at comparison schools.

IRAP experts: undergraduate affordability

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