IRAP collaborates with the Student Affairs Student Financial Support.

Summary metrics can be found in the Undergraduate students affordability chapter of the UC Accountability Report (Chapter 2).

Interactive data dashboards can be explored at the UC Information Center's Undergraduate affordability subject area.

Student financial support report

UCOP webpage

Financial support database inventories from the UCOP Office of Student Affairs dating back to the 1996-97 academic year.

Student financial support data tables

UC Information Center

Financial aid awards to UC students by award source during the fall/winter/spring academic year and the full year including the summer term.

Net cost of attendance

UC Information Center

Financial support received, total cost of attendance, and net cost of attendance after financial support for undergraduate and graduate students.

Student basic needs

UC Information Center

Results from undergraduate and graduate surveys on food insecurity and housing needs.

IRAP experts: undergraduate affordability

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