IRAP collaborates with the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and campus Graduate Deans to provide analytical and survey support on graduate students.

Summary metrics can be found in the Graduate Academic and Graduate Professionals Support Students chapter of the UC Accountability Report (Chapter 4).

Doctoral student experience survey Link

UC Information Center

The University of California offers nearly 500 doctoral programs in all major fields of study. These programs award more than 4,000 doctoral degrees every year. UC participates in Understanding PhD Career Pathways, a survey project coordinated by the Council of Graduate Schools. This dashboard shows results of the doctoral student experience at UC survey.

Parenting students' experience and challenges at UC February 2019 PDF

February 2019

This topic brief provides a profile of undergraduate and graduate parenting students at the University of California. It examines their financial concerns, academic and social experiences and challenges, as well as their success at UC, by using responses from the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) and the Graduate Wellbeing Survey (GWS).

Global food initiative: Food and housing security at the University of California PDF

UC is dedicated to ensuring the success of its more than 260,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This report provides information on the university’s latest data collection efforts and strategies for addressing basic needs security.

A century of health: UC-trained medical professionals in California May 2017 PDF

May 2017

A longitudinal analysis of the impact on California of UC-trained health professionals, beginning in the early 20th century through today.

Graduate student well-being survey PDF

May 2017

The university community has an interest in improving the happiness and well-being of graduate students for a straightforward reason: to enable graduate students to do their best work. The survey is part of a research initiative on graduate student well-being and happiness, led by the Graduate Divisions and the Graduate Student Associations of UC and administered in the spring of 2016.

View the data here. | View the survey instrument here.

UC time-to-doctorate

UC Information Center

An interactive dashboard focusing on systemwide time-to-doctorate.

Doctoral persistence and completion rates

UC Information Center

An interactive dashboard assessing persistence and completion rates of UC doctoral students.

Fall enrollment at a glance

UC Information Center

A dashboard of enrolled students 1999 to the present

1990-1999 fall headcounts can be seen here. Link

UC doctoral alumni survey PDF

October 2014

In brief: University of California Ph.D. recipients report career success and strong satisfaction with their graduate school education, according to a comprehensive survey of alumni from across all 10 UC campuses.

Explore the dynamics of earning a Ph.D. from UC (UC Information Center) Link

Degrees awarded data

UC Information Center

Filter by degree type, broad discipline, academic year and campus location to discover gender and ethnicity percentages of degree recipients.

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