University of California baccalaureate degree duplication check process

Resources for California Community College districts that are seeking to establish baccalaureate degree programs under the process established by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office after the 2021 enactment of Assembly Bill No. 927 (Medina).

AB 927 specifically states that districts “shall not offer a baccalaureate degree program or program curricula already offered by the California State University or the University of California.” The legislation also requires the districts to submit “[f6]documentation of consultation with the California State University and the University of California regarding collaborative approaches to meeting regional workforce needs.”

There are two stages in the process where UC input is being sought. Stage #1 is when a district is developing its proposal to the Chancellor’s Office, and we recommend that local district’s work with individual UC campuses. Stage #2 is when the Chancellor’s Office has approved a set of proposals and is seeking review from the UC systemwide office.

Stage #1

  1. Search all nine undergraduate campuses for duplication (see campus links below).
  2. Contact UC campuses and departments that may have similar or related programs and discuss issues of duplication and “collaborative approaches to meeting regional workforce needs.”
  3. Once issues of duplication are resolved, submit the proposal to the California Community College Office of the Chancellor, per the requirements found on their Baccalaureate Degree Program webpage.

Stage #2

  1. If the program(s) is/are approved by the Chancellor’s Office and selected to be included in one of the biannual submission cycles, the proposal(s) will be sent to Todd Greenspan at the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) where they will then be sent to the campuses for their review of issues of duplication and coordination around regional workforce needs. (Note, the proposal(s) will also be sent by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to the California State University system and the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities).
  2. If the University of California believes there are issues with the program in relation to the criteria discussed above, a written response with supporting evidence will be submitted to the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges according to the process agreed to among the intersegmental partners.
  3. Upon receipt of the written response, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges shall convene with the applicant and the segment or segments that raised an objection to collaborate and establish a written agreement before the program is approved.
  4. A formal objection filed by the University of California shall address, at a minimum, each of the following issues, in order to facilitate the consultation process:
(A) The name and description of the baccalaureate degree program currently offered by the objecting segment that may be duplicated by the proposed baccalaureate degree program, including the campuses that offer the program.
(B) The specific components of the proposed baccalaureate degree program deemed as duplicative.
  1. A written agreement established between the objecting segment and the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges shall address, at a minimum, whether each of the elements of the original objection have been resolved.

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