Review process for establishing graduate degree programs and academic units

There are more than 700 graduate degree programs across the UC system, and this number continues to climb. As new graduate programs are introduced, they are reviewed by faculty and administrators at both the campus and system levels, as outlined in the Compendium: Universitywide Review Processes for Academic Programs, Academic Units, and Research Units.

In collaboration with the Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs, a standing committee of the Academic Senate of the University of California, IRAP conducts the administrative system-level review of campus proposals for new graduate programs, as well as proposals for new schools and colleges. In so doing, it maintains a list of proposals to establish new graduate programs currently under review:

Academic programs currently under review

IRAP also consults with the Academic Senate and campus representatives to maintain the formal list of academic units and degrees authorized by the Regents under Regents Standing Order 110.1.