Enrollment planning

UCOP provides leadership and coordinates a number of activities that allow the university and State to fulfill its commitment to admit, enroll, and graduate students from California and from around the world and nation. IRAP coordinates both the collection of enrollment data and also the development of short- and long-term plans for the numbers and types of students that can be accommodated in UC and closely collaborates with Student Affairs (especially the Admissions Office) and Budget and Capital Resources (BCR).

Every year IRAP collects new student enrollment targets from the campuses, summarizes campus submissions, and leads the Enrollment Management Council through a review of the proposed new undergraduate targets at both the freshmen and transfer levels. The goal of the review is to ensure UC is meeting its undergraduate enrollment commitments to the State of California.

Long-range enrollment planning

Periodically, UC conducts long-range enrollment planning (LREP). These types of plans take a longer and more comprehensive view of enrollment issues such as workforce needs, academic programs, and ensuring university facilities match the future size and shape of UC. The last LREP was developed in 2008. The report outlined plans for a 13-year period. Due to changes in State funding and other funding mechanisms, as well as increases in undergraduate enrollment and slow progress toward graduate growth, the University decided to develop a new LREP.

The new LREP will take into account the most recent demographic shifts in California, the State’s education and workforce needs, research and economic needs, and help the University develop a strategic course toward ensuring UC is ready to meet California’s emerging and quickly shifting needs through 2020-21.

UCOP is currently assessing the University’s physical, academic, and financial capacity to increase enrollment of undergraduate California residents and its graduate population. This requires an examination of past enrollment trends and scenarios of various student body compositions. The units of analysis for this review are at a system level but also at a campus level. As a system of 10 campuses, we want the new LREP to aid our campuses in planning for their individual financial needs and growth aspirations while also leveraging their individual strengths in educating their share of California students and their contributions to California’s economic engine.