Enrollment planning

IRAP’s Academic Planning unit facilitates the development and identification of goals related to student enrollment. Historically these goals have been based in ensuring implementation of the goals inherent in the California Master Plan for Higher Education but also the enrollment goals of the UC Regents and the UC President. Enrollment planning requires collaboration between campus leadership, UCOP leadership, the UC Academic Senate, the UC Regents, and California state government officials, as well as with the other education segments in California.

Academic Planning manages the Admissions and Enrollment Working Group, comprised of members of the President’s Executive Office, Provost’s Immediate Office, Budget Analysis and Planning, and Student Affairs (Admissions and Financial Aid) and participates in monthly enrollment meetings with UC campuses. Academic Planning provides analysis that informs UC’s enrollment goals, such as enrollment forecasting, and facilitates the collection of short-, mid-, and long-term enrollment plans from campuses.

Strategic enrollment planning

Academic planning facilitates systemwide exercises in short, mid and long-term enrollment planning. For short-term planning, every year Academic Planning partners with Budget Analysis and Planning to collect new student enrollment targets from the campuses and then summarizes campus submissions and develops enrollment models, leads the review process for proposed new undergraduate targets in combination with funding formulas, and contributes to plans aimed at diversifying the student body.

Academic Planning and Budget Analysis and Planning also annually collect mid-term enrollment plans spanning the next four years of enrollment aspirations. In addition, the unit supports planning for UC’s 2030 enrollment and degree goals while promoting expansive excellence for California’s growing diverse and qualified population of students.

Periodically, Academic Planning supports systemwide long-range enrollment planning. These plans are more comprehensive than short-term or mid-term plans, taking into account demographic shifts in California and beyond, projections of K-12 students, and projected demand. IRAP also tracks community college student demand, the state’s education, workforce, and economic needs in relation to academic program development across the University, and the University’s facilities and physical capacities.

Enrollment planning calendar

Academic planning also coordinates and updates the enrollment planning process calendar (pdf), an annual calendar that highlights UC systemwide milestones for enrollment planning, timing of requests made to campuses, along with the purpose and use of enrollment information requests. The calendar gives estimated dates for each of the systemwide enrollment planning milestones. Note: these dates are estimates and subject to change. They are meant to give users a sense of when enrollment requests are typically made in an academic year.