Position Control

Position control is a process of executive review for all staff, temporary and contract positions at UC Office of the President.  All proposals to temporarily or permanently fill a new position, to refill an existing position or to hire a career, limited, floater or contract appointment require approval by the appropriate approval authority before the position is opened for recruitment.

Also subject to position control are contract-to-career conversion waivers and extensions of contract and temporary (TOPS) appointments. Note that these requests are only required to go through the mission and budget alignment review of the two-step review process as described below.

Position control applies to all OP departments and divisions, including the Officers of the Regents and OP employees in the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Two-Step Review Process

NOTE:  Effective Sept. 25, 2014, we are instituting an interim email-based process for the Mission and Budget Alignment Review, thus eliminating the use of the now obsolete Transaction Approval Management System (TAMS).  This interim process will continue until such time position control management moves into the newly launched UCPath system.

Redundancy and Space Review (paper-based) - All proposals must first be reviewed by the OP Operations Units to determine whether sufficient resources exist, whether the position overlaps with an existing function, and whether sufficient space is allocated. Departments must complete the Redundancy and Space Review form and consult with the appropriate OP Operations Units contact for review and approval.  All reviews and approvals should be documented.

OP Budget Eva Goode, Director
Business Resource Center (BRC) Brad Niess, Director
Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC)

Steve Murray, Director

Mimi Chin, Space Planner

Communications Yem Ling Fong, Production/Business Operations Manager
Local Human Resources Nancy Pluzdrak, Executive Director
Information Technology Services (ITS) Shirley Bittlingmeier, Client Services Manager
Purchasing/Procurement Richard Greene, Manager
Institutional Research Charles Masten, Deputy

Mission and Budget Alignment Review (email-based) - After receiving approvals from the OP Operations Units, all proposals must then be submitted via email to the Department and Division Heads and the OP Budget Coordinators based on the Department/Division approval authority matrix. The Department and Division Heads will determine whether the work of the position aligns with the mission of the Division and the Office of the President. The OP Budget Coordinators will determine whether the unit possesses sufficient budget to support the salary, benefits and associated organizational expenses. Departments must attach all supporting documents from the Redundancy and Space Review process. After obtaining necessary approvals, Departments must send complete approval package to the HR Business Partner to be forwarded to the Chief of Staff to the Chief Financial Officer for final review and approval.

Roles and Responsibilities

Workflow action Who is responsible?
Consult with Local HR and develop Position Description using Career Tracks template. Department Hiring Manager
Review for potential redundancy with OP Operations Units. Hiring manager consults with OP Operations Units contacts.  Review should be documented and attached to email request.
Review for space availability and document review. Hiring Manager consults with BASC Director.  Review should be documented via email and attached to email request.
Request approval from Department Head, Division Head and Budget Coordinator. Hiring manager sends an email, using the appropriate department process to obtain approvals.  Send HR Business Partner complete approval packet.
Final review by Chief of Staff to CFO. HR Business Partner sends complete packet to Chief of Staff to CFO.
Begin Recruitment and Onboarding process. Once approval from the Chief of Staff is obtained, HR Business Partners and Associate Business Partners may begin recruitment and onboarding.