We build a strong foundation for UCOP financial operations by ensuring accountability for and compliance with UC policy.

The Business Resource Center (BRC) aims to build a strong foundation for UCOP financial operations, allowing departments to focus on their core duties. Our goal is to standardize procedures and controls to ensure maximum service to departments, as well as efficient, controlled and compliant transaction processing for administrative functions. BRC staff strive to provide excellent service while demonstrating accountability to stakeholders, including the Regents and the public.

Brad Niess

Brad Niess


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BRC Service hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

BRC Service Goals

How do I? - BRC Quick Tips on standard service area requests, how to initiate action, and who to contact for help.

New to UCOP or need a refresher on the services that the BRC provides? Read this helpful summary of What we do to get you started!

Whom Should I Ask? Find the right BRC team to answer your questions.


To avoid any surprise tax implications, be sure to read up on the new 45-day requirement for travel and entertainment reimbursements which went into effect January 1, 2021.  Information is available at Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Updated Reimbursement Requirements.

Are you responsible for submitting Interlocation Transfers of Funds (ITF's) to the BRC for processing?  We have updated our ITF Quick Reference Guide and Training documents. Contact BRC-CAAP@ucop.edu for assistance.  

On July 1, 2020, UCOP went live with a new financial information system (Oracle Financials Cloud) and a new travel expense system (Concur Travel & Expense). You can find several resources including training presentations and recordings, step-by-step quick reference guides, and frequently asked questions on the Financial Information System SharePoint site.

The UCOP Financial Information System (FIS) Monthly Close Schedule with cut-off dates for all areas is now available under Frequently Used Links above.

Our UCOP Travel and Meeting Expense Guidance COVID-19 document provides resources and procedures specific to travel and other cancellations related to the COVID-19 situation. As previously mentioned in April 2020, UCOP has begun to track COVID-19 related expenses. For more information, read our most recent Blast COVID-19 Expenses.