UCOP Delegations of Authority

What is a Delegation of Authority?

Delegation of authority is an organizational process in which responsibility for certain functions is passed down through a specific chain of command. A formal delegation of authority should include the following: the source of the authority; a description of the authority that is being delegated; any limitations imposed, including restrictions on redelegation; and a reference to existing delegations that will be modified (amended or superseded) by the action.

Presidential Delegations of Authority

The Board of Regents of the University of California gives decision-making authority to the UC President via the Standing Orders of the Regents.

The University of California (UC) Presidential Delegations of Authority are maintained at the Office of the President. The President may redelegate some of his/her authority to Chancellors and other UC officers through UC policy, Business and Finance Bulletins, or letters of delegation.

UCOP Delegations of Authority

As with Presidential Delegations of Authority, UCOP delegations of authority specify to whom authority has been delegated and the scope of the authority. The President delegates authority to a direct report, who then (if allowed) may redelegate that authority to a direct report, and so on. The same principle applies for delegations and redelegations within UCOP. Redelegated authority must be granted and exercised consistent with the terms and conditions of the original delegation and with applicable laws, regulations, and University policies.

The Business Resource Center maintains UCOP Financial Unit Delegated Approvers for Oracle, Wire Transfers, and Concur to confirm budgetary authority to commit funds.

UCOP Delegations of Authority for Execution of Contracts

Budgetary authority to commit departmental funds does not confer the authority to sign contracts. Refer to Delegations of Authority for Execution of Contracts for specific delegations related to execution of contracts to purchase goods and services.

Requesting UCOP Delegation of Authority

Complete the UCOP Financial Unit Delegated Approver Request form to add, update, or delete delegations of authority:

  • Detailed instructions are provided on the form.
  • There are predetermined approval levels that departments select for their approvers. Standardizing the dollar thresholds for approval purposes greatly improves system efficiency and maintenance.
  • Limit authority to a dollar threshold that is appropriate to the employee's position.
  • Unless specifically indicated, signature authority may not be redelegated.
  • The request form must be approved by an Entity / Financial Unit Head with authority to redelegate.
  • Submit the form through ServiceNow > Request Service > Business Resource Center > Compliance, Accounting, Audit and Policy (CAAP) > Signature Delegation.


Contact BRC-CAAP@ucop.edu.