Summary of Documentation Requirements PDF

Documentation requirements for business travel & entertainment reimbursements per Business and Finance G-28 and BUS-79

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Updated Reimbursement Requirements

Important! Updated submittal deadlines for your reimbursements with tax implications.

Travel and Entertainment Quick Tips PDF

A short reference guide of the most important policies you need to know for travel and entertainment.

Quick Reference Guide - Entering COA Segments in Concur

When creating request and expense reports in Concur, you will be required to enter certain segments of your Chart of Account (COA).

UCOP Travel and Meeting Expense Guidance COVID-19 PDF

This document is effective April 1, 2020 until revoked and is specific to travel and other cancellations related the COVID-19 situation.

G-28 Travel Policy Changes October 2017

Important! New reimbursement limits for business travel effective October 15, 2017

Car Rental Tips and Policy Guidance PDF

A reference guide for UC business travelers booking rental cars via the Connexxus booking portal.

Calculating business mileage PDF

How mileage and ground transportation reimbursements are calculated for UCOP travelers

UCOP Procedures for Meals at Meetings PDF

A flowchart to help determine whether food is allowed at meetings hosted by UCOP.