Fiscal Close Calendar 2020 PDF

Stay on track for fiscal close!

Post these important deadlines where you can see them.

Fiscal Close Clinics 2020

The BRC will help you brush up on departmental fiscal close activities and answer your questions

Fiscal Close Glossary PDF

Overwhelmed by fiscal close terms and their meanings? Keep this helpful glossary close by for easy reference.

FY Close Handout #1 - Travel Reimbursements PDF

A few good tips to expedite your travel and entertainment reports with fiscal year end approaching.

FY Close Handout #2 - Invoices and more PDF

Get those invoices and P-Card charges paid before fiscal close. Find out the answer to the question "What is an encumbrance?"

FY Close Handout #3 - Open Commitments PDF

Spring cleaning for your general ledger! Close those purchase orders that are no longer needed but have funds remaining.

FY Close Handout #4 - NPEARS PDF

Everything you should know about Non-Payroll Expenditure Adjustment Requests (NPEARS) or the transfer of expenses.

FY Close Handout #5 - Recharges PDF

What is a recharge and why would you need to request one?

FY Close Handout #6 - Accruals & Deferrals PDF

What's the difference between them and why are they so important at fiscal year end?

How to fill out an Accrual/Deferral Form PDF

Step-by-step instructions for completing the form.

FY Close Handout #7 - Check Deposits PDF

Yes Virginia, there are fiscal close deadlines for your daily check deposits!

FY Close Handout #8 - ITFs

Important information regarding Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF) transactions.

UCLA System Access Request (SAR) for UCOP Employees PDF

Working with your general ledger and financial reports online requires access through the UCLA Online Financial System.

Whom should I ask? PDF

Still need help? Find the right BRC team to answer your questions.