Fiscal Close

All Fiscal Close documents are being kept updated on the BRC SharePoint site, which is available to all UCOP employees. Here are some of the resources you will find there:

  • Fiscal Close Calendar: Stay on Track! Post these important deadlines where you can see them.
  • Zoom & Hybrid Fiscal Close Clinics: The BRC will help you brush up on departmental fiscal close activities and answer your questions.
  • Fiscal Close Glossary of terms: Keep this handy for easy reference!
  • FY Close Handouts
    1. Travel: Tips to expedite your travel & entertainment reports at fiscal year end
    2. Invoices & P-Cards: How to get things paid before year end.
    3. Open Commitments: Spring cleaning for your General Ledger! Close POs that are no longer needed but have funds remaining.
    4. Corrections to your GL (NPEARS): Non-Payroll related corrections or transfer of expenses.
    5. Recharges: What are they & when do you need one?
    6. Accruals & Deferrals: What’s the difference & why are they so important at fiscal year end?
      • How to fill out an Accrual/Deferral form
    7. Check deposits: Last date of deposit for funds to hit your account this fiscal year.
    8. Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF): Information & Schedule at fiscal year end.

Do you have questions & are not certain who to ask? Please Ask A BRC Question  in ServiceNow. They are reviewed & assigned to the correct team throughout the day.