Unified Approach

Building on the recommendations of the Anti-Racism Task Force and led by the EDI department, the UCOP EDI and Anti-Racism Advisory Group developed a unified mission, vision, goals and measures across all UCOP divisions. This work addresses the somewhat fragmented approach to advancing EDI across UCOP and enables shared accountability for this work across all at UCOP.


The purpose of UCOP’s EDI Unified Framework is to:

  • Develop a unified understanding of EDI at UCOP with focus areas across all divisions
  • Determine foundational goals and performance measures that are iterative
  • Learn from successful strategies as they are implemented and share resources/best practices


We build an enduring anti-racist organization that dismantles all forms of systemic discrimination while advancing equity, diversity and inclusion for all at the University of California, Office of the President.


We are an anti-racist organization that strengthens the University of California by working with our community and partners to center equity, diversity and inclusion in all our decisions and actions.

Vivid descriptions 


People are our greatest asset at UCOP, and we are an employer of choice. We seek, attract, build, and retain outstanding and diverse talent across all levels, departments and divisions of the organization. All employees are authentically valued for their diverse identities and perspectives, which enhance the quality of our services, programs and the organization as a whole.


We are a diverse workforce where all individuals can speak up, know they are heard, and can be themselves. Respect is a cornerstone of all our interactions. We recognize the contributions of our community who work tirelessly to advance equity and address racism at UCOP, including departments, individuals and groups such as our Employee Resource Groups.


Anti-racism is at the heart of who we are, how we behave, and how we envision our legacy. Equity is not an afterthought; rather, it is rooted as an organizational imperative in every decision, policy and practice. Our behaviors consistently reaffirm UCOP’s commitment to anti-racism and we center equity in all that we do. We boldly identify and actively dismantle systems at UCOP that perpetuate racism and all forms of discrimination. We cultivate our environment to foster healing, learning and growth in our anti-racist journey as individuals and as an organization.


UCOP leaders demonstrate their unwavering commitment to anti-racism through all their words, decisions and actions. All leaders at every level of the organization are actively engaged as a community in advancing a unified vision of an anti-racist organization. We channel our collective power and wisdom into action and impact, inspiring the UC community to continually learn and evolve.


We are transparent and humble about our efforts in this complex journey, knowing it is a process requiring continuous improvement. We are all leaders in this work and hold ourselves accountable through our words, decisions and actions. We use data and metrics to demonstrate our progress.

UCOP EDI and Anti-Racism Tenets


Seek, build and leverage our workforce diversity at all levels.

Create inclusive workspaces to enable high employee engagement and a sense of belonging for diverse identities and lived experiences.

Active identification and dismantling of systems, policies and practices that enable racism and promote racial justice and drive for equity in outcomes.
Shared Accountability

Steadfast leadership


President's Advisory Group

GOAL: By June 2025, UCOP President’s Advisory Group leaders consistently demonstrate steadfast leadership and shared accountability for EDI across the organization


GOAL: By January 2025, divisions have identified division-wide EDI objectives that actively demonstrate the President’s Priority Plan and UCOP’s Strategic Framework with a specific focus on “Strengthen an Inclusive UC Workforce and Community”


GOAL: By December 2024, all UCOP supervisors and managers complete the EDI Workforce dashboard training and have identified actionable steps towards improving diversity, inclusion and engagement

All staff

GOAL: By March 2026, all staff will integrate self-identified EDI learning goals into the STEP competency: Belonging & Community Demonstrates Respect for all People by April 2025 - March 2026 performance period