UCOP staff organizations offer individuals the opportunity to become more involved in UCOP and celebrate the diversity of our staff. All members of UCOP’s community are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in any staff organization.

UCOP offers two types of UCOP staff organizations for engagement and connections:

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
    Established in response to recommendations from UCOP’s 2020 Anti-Racism Task Force Report, ERGs are volunteer-led organizations grouped around specific demographic categories and interests. The EDI Department works with UCOP ERGs to support their efforts and development. All ERGs have executive sponsors and receive an annual budget.

  • Affinity Groups
    Affinity Groups are volunteer-led staff organizations around specific demographic categories or interests that do not generally receive funding or operational support from UCOP EDI.

To learn more, review the key differences between Employee Resource Groups and Affinity Groups at UCOP or the staff organization meeting schedule

We encourage you to get involved to build your network, develop your skills, grow as leaders and have a voice in matters impacting the workforce experience at UCOP.

Complete the interest form if you want to join multiple staff organizations or contact the staff organization leaders directly.


UCOP’s weekly e-newsletter and website, is the central communication resource for employees in Oakland, Sacramento, the UCPath Center in Riverside and UCDC.

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PPSM Supplement F

Guidelines governing the access and use of UCOP facilities and property by all employees, employee organizations and their representatives.