UC Sustainable Practices Policy

The UC Sustainable Practices Policy (pdf) guides sustainability efforts across the ten campuses and other university facilities in ten areas of sustainable practice: climate protection, clean energy, green building, transportation, sustainable operations, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable procurement, sustainable foodservice, sustainable water systems, standards for UC Health, and general sustainability performance assessment.

UC has been recognized and ranked highly for its sustainability accomplishments by many sustainability organizations and rating tools including the Sierra Club and Princeton Review.

UC tracks progress towards sustainability goals in our Annual Report on Sustainable Practices.

The systemwide Sustainability Steering Committee provides oversight and governance of the Sustainable Practices Policy. The UCOP Executive Vice President — Chief Operating Officer chairs the Committee, which includes representation from every campus as well as from faculty and students.

UC Sustainable Practices Policy PDF

Establishes goals in ten primary areas of sustainable practices.

Annual Report on Sustainable Practices

Annual report provided to the Board of Regents on UC's progress toward meeting the goals in the Policy on Sustainable Practices.

Sustainability Steering Committee

Committee responsible for oversight of systemwide sustainability policy.