Annual Report on Sustainable Practices

In keeping with the University of California's commitment to accountability and transparency, an annual report is presented to the Board of Regents and shared with the UC community each January. The annual report includes UC's progress toward meeting the goals in the Policy on Sustainable Practices (pdf) as well as sustainability achievements in education, research, investments and public service.

View the full 2022 Annual Report on Sustainable Practices.

Highlights from the 2022 Annual Report on Sustainable Practices include:

  • Articles about UC community partnerships that support equitable climate action and climate justice.
  • Campuses and health systems have implemented over 1,000 energy efficiency projects, resulting in cumulative avoided utility costs of more than $300 million.
  • UC Health joined a White House pledge to decarbonize the health sector.
  • UC and California State University jointly launched the K-12 Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Projects Initiative.
  • UC’s Retirement Savings Plans sold roughly $1 billion in fossil fuel reserve-owning assets and will exclude such investments going forward.
  • UC launched a systemwide Center for Climate, Health and Equity.
  • UC received $185 million from the State of California for climate action research.