UC Health

Policy Goals

Each health system will:
  • Obtain 100% clean electricity by 2025. 
  • Adopt energy performance targets for acute care centers and medical office buildings.
  • Maintain membership in Practice Greenhealth, a nonprofit dedicated to health care sustainability, and submit annual sustainability data for awards. 
  • Achieve a target of 25 pounds of total waste as defined by Practice Greenhealth per adjusted patient day by 2025 and strive for 20 pounds of total waste per adjusted patient day by 2030.
  • Reduce growth-adjusted potable water consumption 20% by 2020 and 36% by 2025, when compared to a three-year average baseline of fiscal year 2005–06, fiscal year 2006–07 and fiscal year 2007–08.
  • Complete Water Recycling and Stormwater Evaluations.
  • Procure 30% sustainable food as defined by Practice Greenhealth.
  • Procure 25% plant-based food by 2030 and strive to procure 30%.
  • Implement a medical device reprocessing program with an FDA-approved third party reprocessor by 2025 and strive for new contracts to specify that at least 20% of disposables should be purchased reprocessed. 
  • Procurement of 25% of office supplies, IT hardware, and appliances should meet Preferred Level Green Spend. 
  • Meet systemwide Healthy Vending targets.

Note: This is a summary of policy goals. Additional details and current requirements are available in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy. See UC's progress toward these goals in the Annual Report on Sustainable Practices.