Policy Goals

  • Energy efficiency: Reduce each location’s energy use intensity by an average of at least 2% annually.
  • Renewable Electricity: Locations will install on-site renewable electricity supplies and storage systems as appropriate to support the location’s climate action goals.
  • Clean electricity: Obtain 100% clean electricity at each campus and health location by 2025. (The UC Clean Power Program met this standard in 2018.)
  • On-campus combustion: Increase biogas combustion to at least 20% of on-site natural gas combustion at each campus and health location by 2025. These volumes will double by 2030 and then decrease over time. (Central procurement of biomethane will conclude before 2040.)

Note: This is a summary of policy goals. Additional details and current requirements are available in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy. See UC's progress toward these goals in the Annual Report on Sustainable Practices.