Sustainable Transportation

Policy Goals

  • Fleet
    • By 2025, zero-emission vehicles or hybrid vehicles shall account for at least 50 percent of all new light-duty vehicles acquisitions.
  • Commute
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to reduce its percentage of employees and students commuting by single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) by 10 percent relative to its 2015 SOV commute rates. By 2050, each location share strive to have no more than 40 percent of its employees and no more than 30 percent of all employees and students commuting to the location by SOV.
    • By 2025, each location shall strive to have at least 4.5 percent of commuter vehicles be zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). By 2050, each location shall strive to have at least 30 percent of commuter vehicles be ZEV.

2018 Employee Alternative Commute Modes

Progress Towards Goals

Campuses are continuing to make progress toward their 2025 and 2050 goals. At least 50 percent of all new fleet vehicles purchased in 2017-18 at six campuses were all-electric or hybrids. 

Systemwide, UC now provides more than 840 electric vehicle charging stations, an increase of over 290 stations from the previous year.

Additionally, over half of UC campuses have made progress in reducing their single-occupancy vehicle commute rate by students and employees. Campuses continue to introduce new alternative commuting incentive programs, such as bike sharing and commute club offers.