Sustainable Operations

Policy Goals

  • Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (EBOM)
    • Each campus will submit for certification one pilot building at a LEED-EBOM Certified level or higher.
    • Each campus shall seek to certify as many buildings as possible through the LEED-EBOM rating system.
  • As of summer 2018, all locations have implemented an ongoing Green Lab Assessment Program supported by a campus department to assess operational sustainability of research groups and the laboratories and other research spaces they use.
    • At least one staff or faculty member from the location has the role of managing the Green Lab Assessment Program.
    • Any green lab assessment programs and related efforts will adhere to all relevant UC, state and national policies and laws. Safety will never be compromised to accommodate sustainability goals.
    • All locations have submitted a UC Green Laboratories Action Plan.

Progress Towards Goals

This year, campuses made progress on meeting the goals of the Sustainable Practices Policy, and all have completed at least three assessments through their green lab assessment programs. In total, at least 52 assessments were completed across the 10 campuses in 2017-18.