Sustainability Steering Committee

First formed in 2003 by the UCOP Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) engages decision makers from all ten campuses in developing and implementing a successful systemwide sustainability policy.

The SSC meets once a year to review policies and progress towards the goals outlined in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy (pdf).

The SSC is composed of a representative from each campus at the Vice Chancellor or Associate Vice Chancellor level, faculty representatives, external experts, the Student Regent, and undergraduate and graduate student representatives. Students are active on the committee and provide valuable input in its direction.

Working Groups

There are eight Policy Working Groups that report to the Sustainability Steering Committee:

Green Building

  • Co-Chair: Todd Lynch, UCLA, Principal Planner, Capital Programs
  • Co-Chair: Mark Maxwell, UC Merced, Assistant Project Manager / LEED Coordinator, Sustainability Office

Climate Change and Clean Energy

  • Co-Chair: Chrissy Thomure, UCSC, Climate Action Manager, Sustainability Office
  • Co-Chair: Jewel Snavely, UCSB, Campus Sustainability Coordinator / OVC for Administrative Services

Sustainable Transportation

  • Chair: Teresa Buika, UCSC, Senior Transportation Planner, Transportation and Parking

Sustainable Operations

  • Co-Chair: Katie Maynard, UCSB, Sustainability Coordinator, Geography
  • Co-Chair: Allen Doyle, UC Davis, Sustainability Manager, Enviromental Stewardship and Sustainability

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Co-Chair: Matthew O'Carroll, UCSB, Refuse, Recycling, and Water Efficiency Manager, Faciliies Management
  • Co-Chair: Adam Schnirel, UCSF, Recycling Coordinator, Facilities Services

Sustainable Procurement

  • Co-Chair: Darin Matthews, UCSC, Director of Procurement, Procurement Services
  • Co-Chair: Hilary Bekmann, UCOP, Associate Director of Sustainability

Sustainable Foodservice

  • Co-Chair: Tim Galarneau, UCSC, Community-Engaged Education Coordinator, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
  • Co-Chair: Emma Sorrell, UCLA, Sustainability Manager, Housing and Hospitality Services


  • Co-Chair: Nurit Katz, UCLA, Chief Sustainability Officer, Facilities Management
  • Co-Chair: Valerie Fanning, UCSD, Compliance Officer, Environmental Health and Safety

Working Groups coordinate the implementation of their respective policy areas by sharing best practices and drafting policy and procedural recommendations to further sustainability goals, capturing benefits from economies of scales and scopes, and providing the Steering Committee with updates on implementation progress and challenges. Working Groups report progress and policy proposals annually to the SSC.

Working Group members are appointed by each campus. Chairs are selected by the Working Group and typically serve a two year term. All UC campuses are represented on each of the working groups.

Working Groups meet several times each year by conference call. Working Group Chairs attend Sustainability Steering Committee meetings to present on any policy updates or new proposals.