Using SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is easy to use, similar to other tools you may have used.

How do I get SurveyGizmo?
Simply fill out the SurveyGizmo request form and send it to ITS, which will set you up with a user account. If you want to work on a team, each individual will need a license but can request access to the same project.

How do I learn to use SurveyGizmo?
You can register for training webinars or watch a pre-taped webinar. You also can review tutorials and articles on various topics.

Can I transfer surveys from another tool?
If you’ve created surveys in another tool and want to re-issue them in SurveyGizmo, you’ll need to re-create them in SurveyGizmo. However, you should be able to add your data back into your survey. Follow the instructions on data imports.

Can I get help with accessibility?

Yes, ITS can provide you consultation beforehand, and then test your survey for accessibility before you send it out. This is particularly important if the survey is targeting a large or systemwide audience. Send a request to