Survey Evaluation

Availability: UCOP

Service Description
Just like with websites, online surveys or forms need to be accessible to people with disabilities. ITS and Communications provide consultation and testing to help UCOP departments develop surveys that are in compliance with the UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy.

Survey participants may represent a wide range of disabilities. Visually impaired people may need to use screenreader software to navigate the survey and read questions out loud. Individuals with motor impairments may need to tab through a survey with the keyboard, rather than use a mouse. By following these steps, UCOP departments will help make sure everyone in the target audience will be able to participate in their survey:

  1. Request assistance. As soon as possible, submit a request for consultation via the Service Hub. An accessibility expert will quickly set up a meeting to review your needs.
  2. Select a tool. UCOP has a contract with SurveyGizmo, an accessible survey creation tool.
  3. Develop a good format. Follow UC guidelines for writing questions and creating a format that are simple, clear, and accessible.
  4. Test the survey. Submit your survey to ITS for accessibility testing before distribution.
  5. Hit send. Distribute your survey with confidence that it is accessible.

How to Order or Request Support
Use the IT Staff Services section of the Service Hub to request support, or call (510) 987-0457.

Availability of Service
Support is available M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

All UCOP departments may request survey development consultation and testing.


  • Initial consultation: No cost
  • Approved ITS projects: Survey consultation and testing are covered in the standard budgeted costs of approved projects.
  • Departmental projects: ITS is providing limited funding in 2014/15 to help departments ensure non ITS survey projects meet accessibility standards.