UC’s Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship Program funds student-generated research, related projects or internships that focus on food issues. All 10 UC campuses plus UC Agriculture and Natural Resources and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are participating in the program. The program began in fall 2014, with the fellows participating in an April 2015 tour of an organic peach farm near Fresno and a July 2015 symposium in San Francisco. The second class of fellows was announced in 2015 participated in an April 2016 tour of an organic farm northwest of Sacramento and a June 2016 symposium in Fullerton. The third class of fellows was announced in 2016 and we recently announced our fourth class of cohorts in June 2017. The program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and administered at each location to ensure that student efforts align with local needs.

For questions about the GFI Student Fellowship Program, email studentservices@ucop.edu

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Elsa Esparza

Food and nutrition policy communication

Andrea Jacobo

Food and nutrition policy communication


Prachi Jha

Student ambassador

Lindsey Pfeiffer

Just and sustainable food systems

Mindy Price

Expand graduate student opportunities in campus food and agriculture-related activities


Johnathan Minnick

Student ambassador

Marcela DeVon Radtke

Needs-based nutrition education

Britt Robinson

Evaluating barriers to food access programs


Erick Ballesteros

Garden and food pantry coordination

Clara Leopo

Student ambassador

Joann Lozano

Zot Bites program

Carlos Julian Martinez

Food waste programming and research

Los Angeles

Nina Adarkar

Student ambassador

Hanna Barlow

Creating a Food Studies major

Kiran Cherian

Food insecurity and stress

Maritza Geronimo

Food Sovereignty project

Sienna Rohrer

Student ambassador

Juanyi (Jane) Tan

Nutrition course effectiveness

Rachel Tsao

TSAOMADE plant-based lifestyle

Rosemary Wallace

Nutrition access and education

Jasmine Williams

High-calorie food attraction


Sigry Ortiz Flores

Food access and resources on campus

Ramiro Gonzalez

Student ambassador

Yolanda Medrano

CalFresh Outreach video series


Heather Haro

Student ambassador

Geraldine Quinones

Food recovery

Danielle Stevenson

Food waste to sustainable protein for the mushroom burger

Rob Straser

R’Garden pest and pollinator management

San Diego

Lindsey Jean Johnson

Student ambassador

Will Tanaka

Urban Farmlab

Dan (Maggie) Zhu

Plant tissue contamination testing

San Francisco

Ami Bhow

Student ambassador

Rhondda Guan

Dietetic Intern

Shana Johnson

Dietetic Intern

Santa Barbara

Whitner Grange

Community garden

Jack Greenberg

Single platform food organization

Miranda O’Brien

Student ambassador

Santa Cruz

Chris Lang

Social justice in food, industry and agriculture

Azucena Lucatero

Urban gardens as ecological and social systems on the Central Coast

Erica Zurawski

Student ambassador