As part of the first phase, UC Global Food Initiative working groups are compiling case studies and developing best practices, and the toolkits to implement them. Once successfully deployed systemwide at UC, they can be offered to schools and communities nationwide.

Food from the Sea PDF

Food from the Sea

Supporting aquaculture research and development in California and beyond.

Food from the Sea PDF

College Sustainability Cookbook PDF

College Sustainability Cookbook

A college sustainability cookbook produced by Global Food Initiative fellows and Living Lab interns at UC Irvine.

College Sustainability Cookbook PDF

Housing and Food Insecurity in California PDF

Housing and Food Insecurity in California

GFI fellow at the Nutrition Policy Institute identifies efforts to address both food and housing insecurity in California.

Food Hub Collaborative PDF

Food Hub Collaborative

This subcommittee, in connection with the K-12 Dining Options subcommittee, is convening a food hub network across California and producing best practices for building capacity and moving food to institutional buyers.

Summary of Objectives and Activities PDF | Lessons Learned from a CA Food Hub Network Pilot final report PDF

Food and Housing Security at the University of California PDF

Food Security Working Group

The University of California has embarked on a comprehensive effort to ensure that its students are food and housing secure.

Executive Summary PDF | UC Efforts to Address Student Food and Housing Security PDF

Student Food Access and Security Toolkit PDF

Student Food Access and Security Toolkit

This free online toolkit includes best practices and activities contributed by UC campuses as they continue to advance efforts to nourish and support students.

K-12 "Food, What?!" Partnership Project PDF

K-12 "Food, What?!" Partnership Project

A free online toolkit and experiential education model for on-farm and in-class programming focused on food, justice and youth, in affiliation with the "Food, What?!" youth empowerment movement and the food justice and food education organization at UC Santa Cruz.

Student Food Access and Security Study PDF


A study assessing food access and security among UC students, along with the university’s action plan to address the issue.

Zero Waste Dining Toolkit PDF


Waste audit and waste characterization case studies to support progress toward zero waste dining, including a downloadable waste audit calculator.

Waste audit calculator XLS

Leveraging Research for Food and Agriculture Policy PDF


Case studies highlighting ways that UC research has been used to inform and affect policies in food and agriculture.

Research to policy workshop report PDF

Food Equity, Social Justice and the Role of Law Schools: A Call to Action

Law Schools & Food Equity Subcommittee

A report on the opportunity for law schools within UC and across the country to more visibly and holistically address food system injustices.

Swipe Out Hunger: A Guide to Creating Your Campus Sustainable Meal Sharing and Recovery Program PDF


Swipes, which allows students to donate excess dollars on their meal plan to fight hunger, began at UCLA and has expanded nationwide; this UC guide details how to start a campus Swipes program.

Facilitating Small Growers’ Ability to do Business with UC PDF


Best practices from UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced dining services in purchasing sustainable local produce from small growers.

Lessons Learned from K-12 Schools PDF


Examples of how working with K-12 schools has inspired progress around healthy, sustainable food at UC and can inspire others as well.

Learning From the Ground Up


A report highlighting best practices, lessons learned and case studies of experiential learning opportunities at UC, along with directories of UC experiential learning courses and programs.

Directories of courses and programs

Good Food for Local Schools

K-12 Dining Options Subcommittee

A free online toolkit featuring resources from UC and other sources that seeks to help schools teach healthy eating habits and provide nutritious, sustainable food to students.