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MRU Annual Reporting

Instructions for Fulfilling MRU Annual Reporting Requirements
Each MRU must submit an annual report, except in years when the MRU is undergoing a five-year or 15-year review. Annual reports are due the third Thursday of September, unless alternative arrangements have been requested and agreed to by all involved parties.

The annual report includes a narrative and supplementary data tables using the required templates available on this website. The annual report should describe the MRU’s activities and contributions over the prior academic year only. The data table templates are designed so that the MRU will add new data to its existing tables each year. Thus, over the course of the five years leading up to its next five- or 15-year review, the MRU will have compiled most of the data for that review through its annual reporting.

The instructions and each component of the required annual report templates are provided below in a fillable format. Note that the data table templates are identical to those used for five-year reviews.

Annual reports should be submitted to Questions about the reporting process or requirements can also be sent to this email address.

The MRU will be notified when the report is accepted or if additional information is needed in order for it to be accepted.

The 2014 Compendium (pdf) provides additional information on MRU annual reporting (Section V.B.2, pp. 33-34).