UC Innovation Awards

Enhancing collaboration and innovation to solve real-world problems and spur California's economy.

The CARE-UC Innovation Fellowship

The CARE-UC Innovation Fellowship is a research and training opportunity established by CARE USA’s Innovation Team and the UC intended to strengthen the workforce pipeline of expertly-trained individuals whose expertise and commitment can alleviate poverty and improve human conditions in California, regionally, nationally and internationally. The six-month graduate fellowship includes an in-country summer placement, a $9,000 stipend, plus travel allowance.

UC Blum Federation

With $1.32 million from UCOP,  Blum Centers and initiatives from across the UC system will work together to tackle global poverty, economic and social justice, and democracy.

Proof of Concept Program: Commercialization Gap Grants

The Proof of Concept Commercialization Gap Grants (PoC Program) initiative was launched in 2011 to advance both the research and public service missions of UC. The program funds innovations and discoveries at the cusp of commercialization that require a final demonstration of their commercial viability.

UC Discovery Grant

The UC Discovery Grant promotes collaborations between UC researchers and industry partners in the interest of supporting cutting-edge research, strengthening the state’s economy, and serving the public good.