UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program

Engaging UC faculty and graduate student researchers with national laboratory scientists, facilities and resources.

Program Announcement (April 2, 2024): UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program is pleased to announce two funding opportunities for 2025: Collaborative Research and Training Awards and UC-NL Graduate Fellowships. Please follow each award's page for more details.

The UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program (LFRP) sponsors innovative research, fosters new collaborations between UC faculty and national laboratory scientists, and provides unique training opportunities for UC graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Funded by the net fee income the University receives for managing Lawrence Livermore (LLNL) and Los Alamos (LANL) National Laboratories, LFRP supports research of strategic importance to UC and the national laboratories via two award mechanisms:

The Program goals and funding priorities support:

  • Collaborative research between UC faculty and laboratory scientists
  • UC graduate students in programs that promote interaction between laboratory scientists and UC graduate programs
  • Research that takes advantage of unique laboratory facilities, especially involving students
  • Research in all fields and topics aligned with the mission of the laboratories

LFRP is a partnership of UC Office of the President's Research and Innovation and Office of National Laboratories. 

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Our program fact sheet and 2013 program brochure provide additional outcomes and highlights. 

Award details are available on the Prior Awards page.