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The UCRI Team

For general inquiries about UCRI programs, please contact

Kathleen Erwin, PhD
Director, UC Research Initiatives
Contact: Email | (510) 987-9889
Kathleen oversees all UCRI programs and leads special projects including the President’s Research Catalyst Awards, MRU reviews and other initiatives. You may also contact her with questions related to research proposals in arts and humanities, and social sciences.

Christopher Spitzer, PhD
Program Officer; Team Lead UC-National Laboratory Fees Research Program; Interim Co-Lead 2019 Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives
Contact: Email | (510) 987-0246
Chris has a PhD in physics from the University of Washington, and held positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and as a AAAS Policy Fellow. He is the UCRI contact for proposals in physical and computational sciences, engineering and security studies. 

Jessica Wu, PhD
Program Officer; Team Lead Cancer Research Coordinating Committee; Interim Co-Lead 2019 Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives
Contact: Email | (510) 987-0329
Jessica has a PhD in organic chemistry from Harvard University and served as a AAAS Policy Fellow and Policy Analyst at the National Institutes of Health. She is the primary UCRI contact for research proposals in chemistry, and health and biomedical sciences.

Vacant - Program Officer
We are recruiting for a Program Officer in our offices in Oakland, CA.

Susan Witt
Post-Award Team Lead, RGPO Contracts and Grants
Contact: Email | (510) 987-0613
Susan coordinates post-award grants management for UCRI through her role in the RGPO Contracts and Grants unit.

Marta Belanger
Administrative Analyst
Contact: Email

Mailing Address

University of California Research Initiatives
University of California, Office of the President
300 Lakeside Drive, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA  94612-3550