Principles of Community

Learn more about UCOP Principles of Community and the diversity policies, programs and resources available to Office of the President staff.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

UCOP's site license provides worldwide, 24/7 access to The Chronicle, the nation’s most trusted source for higher education news. You must be connected to UCOP network when you visit the site. Sign up and create a free account to get The Chronicle's free daily newsletter as a default. For more newsletter option, go to Newsletters in your Account.

Directory update Link

Submit changes to your directory information using IT Service Hub.

Find employees Link

Search by first or last name. In Outlook, the Search Address Book field will let you search by first name, last name or both. The open book icon will let you search by first name.

Interest groups

Learn about available employee networking and interest groups at Office of the President.

Library services and research resources Link

The California Digital Library offers an impressive array of library services and research resources

Link newsletter Link

Link is a place to get news, learn about events, and expand your knowledge about the work of UC and how our work here at the Office of the President supports it.

Oakland city resources Link

Information about the City of Oakland.

Guide to downtown hot spots! Link

Policy resources Link

Resources for systemwide policies and manuals.

UCOP Advisory Committee on the Status of Women

PACSW promotes women's access to programs, opportunities and activities at UCOP.

Regents Link

The University is governed by The Regents, which has "full powers of organization and governance" subject only to very specific areas of legislative control.

Staff Assembly

The UCOP Staff Assembly promotes the interest and welfare of all staff employees at UCOP.

UC Information Center Link

Explore the UC story through (1) storyboards that focus on data-driven narratives that weave multiple data visualizations into a storyline; (2) dashboards that provide answers to frequently asked questions; and (3) data tables that present static and interactive reports that provide download access to raw data.

UCOP daily news clips

Distribution email list for daily news clips relating to UC.

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UCOP organization chart PDF

Current UCOP organization chart.

Whistleblower hotline Link

(800) 403-4744

To report an improper governmental activity or a compliance-related concern, please contact the UC Whistleblower Hotline. Reports can be made anonymously.

Preventing discrimination, sexual harassment and violence against women

Policies, guidance, contacts and resources for preventing and/or reporting discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence at UCOP.