Emergency and Security Procedures Link

Safety and security information such as UCOP Alert, safety incident reports, and the security ambassador program.

UCOP Alert Link | Personal Emergency Preparedness Link


If you have a security question or want to report a security issue in the Oakland area, call the security desk in the Franklin Lobby at (510) 987-9790. For the Riverside Intellicenter, contact (951) 787-5021. Other concerns can be directed to Assistant Director, Facilities Management, Darryl R. Brown at (951) 312-3209.

Security Ambassadors

Block By Block Safety Ambassador program provides additional security support in the downtown Oakland Area. For more information, please review their ambassador program on their website.

Security escort

(510) 987-9790

Employees needing an escort to or from the Franklin Building to or from parking lots and BART between 6:30 am and 11:00 pm should call the UCOP security desk 30 minutes before the security is required.

UCOPAlert Link

UCOPAlert is an emergency notification system that allows UCOP employees to receive informational alerts on their personal phones or by personal email outside normal business hours.

Preventing discrimination, sexual harassment and violence against women

Policies, guidance, contacts and resources for preventing and/or reporting discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence at UCOP.