On-Boarding and welcome

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Getting new employees off to a good start can make a big difference in their feeling welcomed and in their effectiveness on the job. Managers and their teams in partnership with UCOP service providers, should do all they can to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for their new employees. In addition to ensuring new employees have all their physical requirements met, ensuring they attend New Employee Orientation, and enroll in benefits within 31 days from their date of hire, they should also be officially welcomed and oriented to their new department.

Pre-boarding encompasses all of the steps needed to successfully complete the new hire set-up process. It includes the identification and configuration of space needs, the new hire paperwork and background check, the set-up of the computer/phones, and the payroll and badge appointments.

The Welcome process begins with pre-boarding and involves integrating the new employee into the UCOP organization, culture, and their new department.

Successful onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into the culture of UCOP.

Employees decide within the first 30 days if they feel welcome. Taking the time to provide introductions, tools, resources and knowledge will assist new employees in becoming productive and successful. Successful onboarding will establish a positive relationship, set expectations, accelerate performance and provide a connection to the UCOP culture. The best outcome of successful onboarding is an increase in job satisfaction and engagement.

The Manager’s Checklist for Successful Onboarding

Click the links below to access either the remote or in-person versions of the checklist.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to your HR Business Partner.

To assist managers with onboarding we have created a checklist for managers that clearly defines roles and responsibilities from pre-boarding through the employee’s first 90 days on the job. The checklist focuses on accelerating a new hire’s integration into the UCOP culture with managers and team members playing key roles.

With the emergence of a virtual workforce the checklist is specific to the needs of integrating remote employees.

A new feature of the onboarding process is the assignment of a Buddy. Hiring managers are encouraged to identify and assign an appropriate Buddy for their new employee and check-in to ensure the Buddy is performing a supportive role. A Buddy is a resource that will help introduce the new employee to the department and the broader UCOP culture, values and expectations. Ideally, the buddy relationship will extend for at least one to three months. Every hiring manager will be given Buddy Guidelines to be shared with the selected Buddy.

To successfully onboard new employees, manager should complete the following three steps:

  1. Complete a 15-minute webinar; UC Strategic Onboarding, which is available in the UC Learning Center
  2. Review and complete the Manager’s Checklist for Successful Onboarding -pdf.
  3. Assign the new employee a Buddy either from within or outside of the department to meet with the new employee on their first day.

If you need assistance with any part of this process, please reach out to your HR Business Partner.

Roles and responsibilities

The Hiring Department is responsible for determining the space needs and preparing the workstation, providing Human Resources with the Finalist(s) information for the Background Check, completing the Onboarding Services Request in Service Now, negotiating the Verbal Offer and Start Date, and providing their Human Resources representative with the details for the Offer Letter.

Human Resources informs Building Services of the hiring need, creates and sends the Offer Letter/Welcome Email to the candidate, submits the Onboarding Needs Form through the IT Service Hub, and sets up the Payroll and Badge appointments. On the new hire's first day the Human Resources representative will ensure that the Payroll process is completed and when the employee arrives at their onsite location a Badge appointment will be initiated. 

There are five Service Providers involved in the Onboarding process:

  1. BASC-Building Services is responsible for identifying and configuring space.
  2. ITS Computers generates the Network ID and provides/configures the computer with network drives and printers.
  3. ITS Phones provides/configures the phone with phone number, voicemail set up/password and display name.
  4. BASC-Work Management Center (WMC) processes the new hire's badge request.
  5. Payroll completes the new hire paperwork and sends Time Reporting and Personal Data Confirmation (iDoc) to the new hire.

For more information contact UCOP Human Resources.