Core audit programs

Prior to revised core listing of December 2005

Files linked below are in .doc format except where noted.

Financial Aid:      
Financial Aid Core A.d.03 IT Project Management Core - GTAG IT Project Criteria (xls) G.d.01
Student Fees and Receivables: IT Project Management Core - Overview and Risk Assessment Template (xls) G.d.01
Student Fees and Receivables Core A.d.06 Database Management Core G.e.03
Medical Billings and Receivables:   Data Center Operations Core G.e.04
Hospital Receivables Core B.i.01 Data Center Operations Core -ICQ G.e.04
Medicare Cost Reports Core B.i.02 Backup and Recovery Core G.e.05
Physician Receivables Core B.i.03 Logical Security Core G.g.01
Cost Allowability Clauses:   Physical Security Core G.g.01
Cost Allowability Clauses Core C.b.04 Physical Security Core -ICQ G.g.01
Investments:   Cash Management:  
Investments Core D.g.02 Bank Acct Admin and Rec Core H.b.01
Compliance Program:   Cashiering/SubCashiering Core H.b.02
Hospital/Facility Core E.a.01 Disbursements:
Home Health Core E.a.02 Accounts Payable Core H.c.01
Clinical Laboratories Core E.a.03 Check Requests Core H.c.02
Pro Fee Billing Core E.a.04 Entertainment Core H.c.03
Pro Fee Billing Core - attachment E.a.04 Travel Core H.c.04
Clinical Research Core E.a.05 EFT Core H.c.05
IRB - Human Subjects Core E.b.01 Payroll:  
IRB - Animal Core E.b.02 Payroll Processing Core H.e.01
IRB - Clinical Trials Core E.b.03 Honoraria Core H.e.02
ORU/Institutes Core E.c Employee Eligibility Core H.e.03
C&G - Pre Award Core E.d.01 Time Reporting Core H.e.04
C&G - Post Award Core E.d.02 Procurement:  
Acctg - Extramural Fund Acct Core E.e.01 Business Contracts Core H.f.01
Cost Dist - Disclosure Statements Core E.f.01 LVPO/Purchase Cards Core H.f.03
Cost Dist - Effort Reporting Core E.f.02 Purchase Orders Core H.f.04
Cost Dist - Indirect Cost Core E.f.03 Major Construction Projects:
Information Technology & Communications:   Major Construction Projects Core K.a.01
Network Management Core G.b.01 Fund Raising and Gift Processing:  
Software Acq, Dev, Maint Core G.d.01 Fund Raising and Gift Processing Core L.a.05
IT Project Management Core (docx) G.d.01