This section provides detailed, specific how-tos related to the various content types used within

For an introduction to Cascade and assistance with general system tasks such as publishing, reordering and deleting assets, see About Cascade.

To make sure your website is as well-organized, accessible and understandable as possible, see Best practices.

Update my org chart

To replace an old org chart with an updated one, follow these instructions for replacing/ overwriting a file.

Add new staff members

To add blocks for new staff, follow these instructions for Creating staff blocks.

Deleting staff blocks | Editing existing staff blocks

Promote my initiative or event

See these best practices for highlighting content on

Creating a new flex block | Editing landing page link blocks

Add a new file to my site

To add a new document (report, form, etc.) to your site, you must first upload it to Cascade. You can then link to it from other pages.

Uploading a new file | Adding a file to a category/list page