Upload a file/image

Applicable to: files and images | Skill level: easy

Goal: Upload a new file or image to your site.

Files like pdfs and jpegs must first be uploaded to Cascade before they can be used on your website.

  • These file formats should go in the _files folder: pdfs, Word docs (.doc or .docx), PowerPoints (.ppt or .pptx), Excel spreadsheets (.xls or .xlsx).
  • These file formats should go in the _images folder: .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .gif


  1. In the New menu, go to File.

    new file

  2. Locate the section with the words "Drop file here to upload"

    • drag a file from your local computer and drop it anywhere within the box with the dashed outline, or
    • click anywhere in the box to navigate to the file on your computer that you will use to replace the existing one

    When successfully uploaded, the text "Received file:" (followed by the file name and size) will appear below the Choose File button.

    File upload

  3. At the top of the screen, enter a system name. This can either be the same as the filename (which you can cut and paste into the System name field) or a new, more keyword-rich name. The system name must include the file extension. View additional conventions for system names.

  4. Choose a Parent Folder. For most files, this will be "_files" or "_images."

  5. Fill in any Metadata you want. (A Title is minimally recommended).

  6. Submit.

UC Santa Cruz also has a step-by-step tutorial for uploading a file to Cascade. Learn more.